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Coco (PG) 2017
Wed 23 Jun at 09:30 PM
Miguel pursues his love for singing in spite of his family’s ban on music. He stumbles into the Land of the Dead, where he learns about his great-great-grandfather who was a legendary singer.
Running Time: 1hr 49mins
The Lion King (U) 1994
Thu 24 Jun at 09:30 PM
As a cub, Simba is forced to leave the Pride Lands after his father Mufasa is murdered by his wicked uncle, Scar. Years later, he returns as a young lion to reclaim his throne.
Running Time: 1hr 29mins
Grease (PG) 1978
Fri 25 Jun at 09:30 PM
While vacationing in Australia, Danny and Sandy indulge in a passionate love affair with each other. They part ways believing they will not see each other again but fate has other plans.
Running Time: 1hr 51mins
The Greatest Showman (PG) 2017
Sat 26 Jun at 09:30 PM
P T Barnum becomes a worldwide sensation in the show business. His imagination and innovative ideas take him to the top of his game.
Running Time: 1hr 46mins

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