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Grease (PG) (1978)

While vacationing in Australia, Danny and Sandy indulge in a passionate love affair with each other. They part ways believing they will not see each other again but fate has other plans. Running Time: 1hr 50mins
Thu 26 May
09:30 PM
Grease (PG) (1978)
Running Time: 1hr 50mins
Fri 27 May
09:30 PM
Grease 2 (PG) (1982)
Running Time: 1hr 55mins
Sat 28 May
09:30 PM
Moana (PG) (2016)
Running Time: 1hr 53mins
Thu 02 Jun
09:30 PM
House of Gucci (15) (2021)
Running Time: 2hrs 37mins
Fri 03 Jun
09:30 PM
Mamma Mia! (PG) (2008)
Running Time: 1hr 46mins
Sat 04 Jun
08:00 AM
The Greatest Showman (PG) (2017)
Running Time: 1hr 45mins
Sun 05 Jun
09:30 PM
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (12) (2003)
Running Time: 2hrs 23mins
Thu 09 Jun
09:30 PM
American Pie (15) (1999)
Running Time: 1hr 35mins
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